Can the reflux incense burner be placed at home? The principle of the reflux incense furnace.

Some people think that the design of the home is more monotonous, so they will buy some decorations at home, so it will look particularly good-looking, in fact, for some people who pay more attention to feng shui, will go to the market to buy some of the rich things put at home, then, to see if the reflux incense oven can be placed at home, if you can directly choose this, in addition, the principle of the backflip incense furnace is what.

Can the reflux incense stove be placed at home?

The home can be placed backflow fragrance. Place the reflux fragrance a little carefully, because the fragrance is reflux, so need to be placed indoors and there is no wind place, while isolating the burning heating of the outside rising hot air, so as not to bring hot air with smoke to rise. Reflux furnace: Reflux furnace belongs to a kind of incense, because it ignites is tapered incense, incense combustion process, the smoke density is greater than the density of air, and will produce the effect of reflux, similar to waterfall. So there is this name: reflux incense stove.

From the material point of view, the reflux fragrance can be divided into wood, stone, pottery and so on. Most reflux furnaces are black or dark gray-brown, which is in sharp contrast to the smoke generated when the incense burns.

The principle of the reverse incense furnace

1. Reflux fragrance is a special tassin, the interior has a small hole, conducive to smoke downstream.

2. The inverted incense furnace has a hole or a slot aligned to the small hole of the tacent, which is conducive to the smoke downstream. After setting up the incense, light the reflux fragrance, do not immediately extinguish the flame, let the flame slightly burn 4-6 seconds later, see the combustion is more adequate, fan fire extinguishing seedlings into a special reflux furnace. At first there will be no cigarettes flowing from the bottom, and after about a minute or two, the cigarettes change direction and flow out from the bottom.

3. Smoke contains particles heavier than air, as long as there is no wind indoors, while isolating the burning heating of the outer rise of hot air, do not let hot air with smoke to rise, smoke will sink. Smoke mixed with more impurities, that is, when igniting incense can produce more particles, smoke particles are greater than the proportion of air, smoke sinking.

The above article has told everyone, the reverse incense furnace can be placed at home, the home can be placed in the reflux incense furnace, placed in the backflip incense has a little attention, because the incense is reflux, so, need to be placed indoors and there is no wind place, we place, we must be in accordance with the article pay attention to these, the same, in the article also understand the principle of the reflux incense furnace is what.

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