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The Chinese nation is a country rich in incense, the world has been developed and used by mankind about 400 kinds of incense, China produced nearly 340 kinds. At least six thousand years ago, Xiang has entered the life of the Chinese people, can be said to be life everywhere. Historically, our country is also known as “the nation of incense”! Xiang accompanied the Chinese nation’s generations of Yingxian through five thousand years of vicissitudes of wind and rain, out of the Brilliant Course of The Chinese civilization shining the world. It enlightens the inspiration of the talented, nurtures the body and mind of the benevolent people, builds the golden bridge of human wisdom, and is an important catalytic and promotion to the cultivation of the Chinese spirit and the formation of philosophical thought, and has long been an indispensable medium for precipitating people’s spirit and belief. Behind this level of faith, however, there is sometimes a little-known scene hidden, dear reader, can you imagine a devout believer kneeling on a statue with a harmful chemical incense in his hand while worshipping in a temple?

Please first look at the following news report: “Recently, Nanjing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association in conjunction with the Nanjing Buddhist Association on the market sales of line incense, pan incense, bamboo incense survey found that the basic can not see the traditional incense process made of natural environmental protection fragrance, almost all toxic and harmful chemical fragrance.” A variety of Tibetan incense on the market, Indian incense, in fact, are Handitsy incense factory imitation of the “shanzhai version.”

Containing formaldehyde wood chips to change into “burning incense” “the ancients used spices are natural fragrances, now people can contact most of the fragrances are chemical synthetic flavor, the two are many significant differences.” “”Nanjing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association Yang Zhilin President told reporters, because natural environmental protection fragrance is made of natural fragrance plant powder plus clay, the manufacturing process does not add chemical synthetic flavors, pigment dyes and toxic chemical ingredients, high cost, each fragrance should be more than 10 yuan.

It is reported that due to the development of the chemical industry, in the second half of the 19th century, Europe has appeared synthetic spices (i.e. chemical
flavor). These chemical flavors not only roughly simulate the taste of most spices, but are also extremely inexpensive. So it quickly replaced natural fragrances as the main fragrance in modern industrial production, as well as in the fragrance industry.

Yang Zhilin introduced, in order to reduce costs, many small and medium-sized incense enterprises under the guise of “modern incense process”, with wood furniture factory waste wood chips and formaldehyde as adhesives, and then add industrial colors, spices, fuel aids and other chemical products, processing and blend out a variety of inferior chemical fragrances, such as sandalwood, rose, jasmine and so

Yang Zhilin said that the cost of this fragrance is very low, 1 kg of incense costs two or three yuan, the current market sales of all kinds of incense, are basically this kind of “modern technology” formaldehyde
fragrance. The so-called sandalwood is also not made of sandalwood, just add chemical sandalwood fragrance.

Spot checks found that 20 batches have problems Nanjing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Market Association purchased a number of so-called “smokeless fragrance” for testing, merchants said this “smokeless fragrance” is after a special smoke-free treatment.

After sampling 20 batches of incense testing found that all chemical incense combustion process will release formaldehyde, benzene, benzene bipycin and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other strong carcinogens.

President Yang Zhilin believes that the burning of chemical incense than “second-hand smoke” toxic side effects are greater, long-term smell will lead to respiratory inflammation, light cause cough, allergic rhinitis, skin itching, asthma and other allergic reactions, serious lung cancer, and this harm is not known. If long-term in the toxic chemical incense burning field, working within 300 meters, the body is prone to discomfort, easy to age and lesions cancer.

Yang Zhilin said that these incense-producing cigarettes, which contain a large number of carcinogens, compared air samples with crossroads air, their gases contain thick polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other carcinogens, especially carcinogenic benzodiazepines, more than 110 times higher than air without smoke sources.

Will be the temple atmospheric environment to do a “medical examination” reporter was informed that Nanjing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Market Association, Nanjing Buddhist Association will be jointly recently, the temple atmospheric environment for testing and evaluation.

And promote the vast number of believers, incense customers to use “flowers, fresh fruit for the Buddha table sincerity” of the civilized atmosphere, to minimize the burning point, save resources, purify the air, protect the environment.

Yang Zhilin said that the results showed that people who worshipped incense at least twice a day at home were 3.49 times more likely to develop lung cancer than smokers who did not burn incense in their
homes. If smokers continue to burn incense in their homes for many years, they are four times more likely to develop lung cancer than smokers who do not burn incense. “The average family’s indoor incense is also bad for human health.” He introduced that some incense, essential oils and air fresheners and other products, are containing aromatic chemicals. These chemicals are synthetic, volatile, and contain some low toxicity. “”People with anemia, fatigue, migraines are more likely to develop allergies, itchy skin and other symptoms after use.”
He also reminded that in the room, whether burning incense or incense must open the window, as far as possible to ensure air
This is the reality of today’s society incense industry. 

From ancient times to the present, if the poisonous chemical incense instead of worship is a pity, this is also a kind of disrespect for faith, and only the use of natural incense can pass God, for religious practitioners is particularly important.

Smelling a chemical fragrance is equivalent to living 20 minutes less! U.S. authorities reported that smoking a cigarette – life reduced by 5 minutes, smell a chemical fragrance – smoke 4 cigarettes, that is, smell a chemical incense – life loss of 20 minutes according to experts in the Hong Kong Ministry of Science and Technology Research confirmed: chemical fragrance in the flavor, dyes in the combustion process released a large number of “benzene” and “formaldehyde”, both of which are strong carcinogens, by the state as a class of air pollutants!

The release of benzene and formaldehyde during combustion is 5-7 times more volatile than normal!
Chemical fragrance harm is as harmful as tiger, its release of harmful substances can lead to cough, asthma, allergic rhinitis attacks, and even lung cancer, especially the elderly and children’s response is more
obvious! Do you dare to use chemical incense that seriously endangers your family’s physical and mental health? 

We can not in order to reduce costs, we can use chemical incense instead of natural fragrance, compared with its harmfulness, it is really not worth the loss, and the nature of chemical incense and incense is also contrary.

Xiang is spiritual noble, it can not only help others in the virtual, but also in practice for the patient to cure diseases. It can also help people in the quiet room closing care of their own, in the room to help entertain people. If chemical flavors are added, how can these benefits be brought to people? What’s more, Xiang accompanied by the rise and fall of the Chinese nation, after five thousand years of ups and downs, reflecting the splendid course of Chinese civilization, has already formed a unique national traditional culture, and how can it be used by greedy traders into a means of profiteering?

Therefore, for your own health, in order to respect the nature of incense and your beliefs, Minji Xiangdao strongly recommends that you use natural fragrance.
So, how to distinguish between natural and chemical fragrances? How to distinguish between natural and chemical fragrances?

1, natural fragrances without burning, all have only a faint aroma of medicine, and those far away can smell a strong fragrance, or open the box on the strong aroma of the fragrance, must add chemical
2, natural fragrance generally does not have bright colors, and those on the market those flowers green, colorful fragrance, although very eye-catching, but absolutely can not enter the nose, more artificially added chemical pigment after the results.

3, natural fragrance touch by hand will have a slight grainy feeling, and chemical fragrance generally feel
smooth. But some extremely inferior fragrance, but also there will be a clear rough, fault sense, such as some hawkers on the market to sell the sacrificial bamboo sign incense, etc. , is absolutely not available.
4, now on the market for incense fraud, part of the way is to use high-pressure or perfusion method to the so-called incense oil into the incense white wood, posing as a true
fragrance. To reduce costs, the incense oil used by unsuerves contains most of the chemicals extracted from asphalt, which can also have adverse effects on human health after burning. What’s more, in order to make the fragrant white wood can also sink in the water, impersonating is the upper fragrance of the water, in addition to filling the chemical fragrance oil, but also to fill with lead, which is a hundred harm to the body and no benefit.



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