Why do we respect natural incense, how to distinguish between chemical and natural incense?

Why we promote natural incense

Six harms of chemical fragrance

Harm one, to toxic chemical fragrance poison smoked sages damage the roots have no merit, resulting in damage to life.

Harm two, interfere with the situation, resulting in a state of mind upset.

Harm three, toxic chemical fragrance by chemical substances or powder composition using red, yellow, gold and other toxic colors to cover up the ingredients, burning odor nose-to-nose or have a cure fragrance. Long-term smell will lead to respiratory inflammation such as monks or long-term in the toxic chemical incense smoke and burning field, within 300 meters of work, practice, the body is prone to discomfort prone to aging and lesions cancer.

Harm four, toxic chemical flavor is composed of stone powder and wood, the surface is particularly slippery, rich in heavy metals, smelling the body into toxic powder easy to lead to slow poisoning of the human body, cause trouble, fire, restlessness caused by physical and mental damage and irritability.

Harm five, with toxic fragrance long-term support ignited in temples, Buddhist halls, the god of joy away from the gods and ghosts bored with the disaster approaching, money is fragile.

Harm six, family dishonor, easy to complain more spats.

How to identify chemical and natural incense?

Check the look

Natural fragrance, natural color of natural raw materials, soaked with water or alcohol will not fade.

Chemical fragrance, more use of chemical dye coloring, showing red, yellow, green, purple and black gold and other colors. Soaking with water or alcohol will fade.

Smell before set fire

Natural fragrance, before lighting need to close smell, only a faint grass, wood, medicinal fragrance.

Chemical fragrance, a long distance before ignition to give off a strong taste;


Natural fragrance, fresh and natural fragrance, even if lit for a long time, will not cause physical discomfort.

Chemical fragrance, mixed with a lot of irritating chemical raw materials, long-term ignition makes people feel dizzy, weak, breathing, and accompanied by a slight movement disorder.

Raw material comparison

Natural fragrance, in addition to natural fragrances and pure plant adhesives, do not add any other materials, so the ignited natural raw materials and their corresponding fragrances for fragrance comparison, similarity should be more than 80%.

Chemical fragrance, with a large number of wood powder, chemical glue, chemical synthesis of flavor and oil, stone powder, chemical dyes, fuel aids. Smokeless incense is also added to industrial toner. Roll money incense (hook furnace incense) will also be added glass glue. Gold will also add heavy metal toner; floral fragrance series, multi-chemical synthesis of flavor modulation … Therefore, the taste of the chemical fragrance ignited and the taste of the name indicated on the packaging is very low, or even irrelevant.


Due to the different flavors of their different styles, there is no uniform identification method, but the quality of better fragrance, its aromas generally have the following characteristics:

(1) the aroma is fresh, refreshing, long-term use will not have the feeling of dizziness;

(2) refreshing, there is a sense of pleasure, but does not make people impetuous;

(3) scent alcohol and, thick and moderate, deep breathing also do not feel the nose;

(4) Even if the fragrance is rich, it will not feel greasy, even if it is light, its fragrance is also clearly identifiable;

(5) There is no trace of “artificial fragrance”, even if the aroma is more obvious, can also experience a natural quality;

(6) make people relax, quiet and beautiful mind;

(7) have a sense of nourishing the body and mind, make people willing to kiss close; (8) the breath is mellow, taste-resistant, multi-use and no sense of boredom;

(9) The fragrance is more durable;

(10) the fragrance of natural spices, often can feel the aroma of a slight astringent taste and medicinal flavor;

(11) Better smoked incense, its smoke is light, for blue and white.



Natural herbal incense


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